Terms of Use

The present website constitutes the online store of the Company Annat Soel kai Sia OE, which is located in Athens, 30 Skoufa str, at Kolonaki, with Tax Registration Number (AFM) 999803189 D' TAX OFFICE of Athens (hereinafter in the present called, for the sake of brevity, as the ‘’Company’’).


The Company is principally engaged in the creation and trade of originally designed handmade jewellery.

The present terms describe the terms and conditions under which, the Company provides its customers with its services through its Online Store «www.dropsjewellery.com»

The present constitutes the Agreement between the customer and the Company. Browsing, accessing or using the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website, as well as the usage of any benefits or services which were made available through the Website, implies the agreement of the customer to the terms and conditions set forth below (collectively referred to as "the Agreement"). Any new services which will be included on the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website will be subject to the present Agreement, unless expressly stated otherwise.

The Company reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions at any time, if it is deemed necessary, informing customers through the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website. Customers, are required to check every time they use the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website for any modifications to the terms of use and if they continue to use the available facilities or services, it is presumed that they accept the modified terms as well as that they explicitly grant their consent, agreement and approval on the above mentioned modifications to the terms. Otherwise, they should refrain from using the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website.

TERMS OF USE OF THE «www.dropsjewellery.com» WEBSITE

The access to the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website and consequently the usage of any services that the website provides (eg product promotion via the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website, purchase of products, etc.) is only allowed to persons who have completed the eighteenth (18th) year of their age and have full legal capacity.

Each customer expressly states and warrants that when using the services provided by the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website will provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about him / her and that he / she has the required legal prerequisites as well as the necessary ability to understand the terms and conditions contained herein. The customer also agrees to preserve and keep up-to-date the information requested as well as to keep the above mentioned information true, accurate, valid, up-to-date and complete. The Company is not responsible for any use of services by customers who do not meet the above.

The Company, via the website «www.dropsjewellery.com», promotes its products to its customers under the terms and conditions stated herein.

Customers must necessarily be the legitimate holders of the credit, debit, prepaid or other card by which they perform their transactions or enjoy the services of the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website; otherwise they should have explicit or tacit approval for the usage of the card from its legal owner. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable to the legitimate cardholder if the customer is not the legal owner of the card or does not have the legal permission to use this from the legitimate holder.

It is forbidden for customers to violate or attempt to violate the security of the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website, indicatively, but not limited to: (i) accessing data that was not intended for a customer to have access to or to make a server connection that they should not have access, (ii) attempt to investigate or to test vulnerabilities of the system or of the network or to breach unauthorized security measures or unauthorized certification measures, (Iii) attempt to interfere with service to any natural person and / or legal entity, (iv) send unsolicited emails, including promotional and / or product or service advertisements, (v) to forge any information. Violation of these Security Rules may result in civil or criminal proceedings.

Customers are not charged for the use of the services offered by the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website. However, the website may provide links to third party websites that belong to independent service providers and operate under the conditions they set. These third parties may charge a fee for the use of specific content or services provided through their website. Therefore, users of the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website must conduct any research they believe is necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any transaction with any third party to ascertain whether or not a charge will be made. When the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website provides information on charges, this information is provided only for information purposes. The Company and the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website cannot guarantee that the above mentioned information is correct, therefore the Company (and «www.dropsjewellery.com» website) could not be considered liable in any way for content or services provided by such third party websites.


The products offered for sale through the website «www.dropsjewellery.com», are products of the Company. In particular, these are originally designed handmade jewellery

Each product of «www.dropsjewellery.com» Company is handmade and unique. Therefore there might be some differences between the same items.


Submitting a product order constitutes a binding offer for the purchase of the product by the customer in the total price displayed when placing the order.

For ordering a product through the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website, the customer should choose the products he / she wants and to add them to his / her Shopping Cart. Afterwards, the total cost of the order (VAT included), any expenses that may arise in accordance with the Company's pricing policy as well as any discounts to which the customer is entitled will be displayed at the screen of the customer. It is explicitly stated that orders shipped outside of the European Union (EU) will be subject to custom taxes and duties. This cost is the responsibility of the customer and is payable on receipt of delivery of the goods.

Subsequently, in order to complete the ordering process each customer should fulfill his / her personal shipping and communication details on the ordering tab. Then, the payment method should be fulfilled in order to complete the purchase.

Given the fact that every product of “Drops Jewellery” Company is handmade and unique, it is expressly agreed that the order will be completed only upon acceptance by the «www.dropsjewellery.com» website via confirmation email to the customer, at the e- mail address that he/ she indicated when submitting the order, informing him/ her about the availability of the requested product as well as for the time that may be needed for the fulfillment and shipping of the order.

Upon completion of the ordering process, the customer confirms that he/ she has been informed about the materials used for the creation of the products while the customer acknowledges that the Company bears no responsibility in case of allergic reactions, dermatological diseases or reactions in general which will arise from the usage of the ordered products.

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